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Recipe Index

Oats Chia Idli
Venthaya Kanji
Moong Oats
Tomato Oats
Ginger Oats
Oats Pongal
Ragi Dosa
Whole wheat pancake

Onion Chutney
Avocado Chutney
Coconut Chutney
Red Bell Pepper Chutney
Garlic Chutney
Bezha Chutney/Gram Dal Chutney
Ginger Chutney
Ridgegourd Chutney
Flaxseed Mint Chutney

Tomato Rice/Thakkali Pongal
Fried Rice

Chicken Keema Paratha
Coriander Chilli Paratha
Methi Thepla
Zucchini Paneer Frankie

Salmon Fingers
Salmon Skewer
Salmon Amritsari
Grilled Tilapia
Dynamite Shrimps
Tortilla Pinwheel
Mushroom Shaslik
Chicken Tandoori
Corn Chaat
Cucumber rolls

Sourashtrian Special:
Polte Chino/pepper Goat curry
Losan Kolkar/ Garlic Curry
Thakkali Ampti
Methi Bhajji Chaar
Chicken Race ampti
Khovla raito/Pumpkin raita
Chenna dal
Kachi kezha thezhni
Pangara paan Bhairi

Sourashtrian Masala Powders:
Sambhar Bhurko
Rasam Bhurko
Kumbakonam Race Masala Bhurko

Baked Peanuts
Oats Sesame Cereal bar

Side Dishes:
Milagu Kozhi
Chicken Tikka
Coriander Chicken
Egg Curry
Chettinad Meen curry/Fish curry

Veg. Side Dishes:
Arya Bhavan style Potato Masala
Hara Bhara Gobi Mutter
Baked Cauliflorets
Sukka Gobi
Nilamu Bela Sambar
Pumpkin Kofta
Veggie Jalfrezi
Honey Cider Mushroom
Sprouted moong curry
Baked Potatoes
Bittergourd chukka

Murungai Rasam
Plums Rasam/Soup
Karaikudi Rasam

Strawberry Custard
Strawberry Yogurt
Caramel Rice Kheer
Mango Pudding

Fruit Punch
Neer Mor/Chaas
Sukku Malli Kappi
Rose Vanilla Milkshake

Base for Gravies
Steps of Medhu Vada/Sambar Vada and Dahi Vada


Popular posts from this blog

Grapefruit Pickle

Cut grapefruit into quarters and pressure cook with salt.
Let cool.
Dry roast mustard seeds, methi seeds, red chillies and powder it.
Add this to the cooled grapefruit.
Mix well.
Heat 1/2 cup of oil and let cool.
Add it to the pickle.

Potato Masala - Madurai Arya Bhavan Style.

My sincere thanks to Saravanan dha for giving me the recipe. This one is sure hit. I am still amazed about the taste as this has no onion, tomato nor ginger garlic but the aroma is so distinct and delicious.

Here goes the recipe:
Parboil 4 medium size potatoes in water adding salt. Do not overcook the potatoes. cube them. Deep fry the cubed potatoes in mix of oil and ghee(1/2 and 1/2) to golden brown.  Transfer all the oil into a cup and heat say 3 tbsp of oil ghee mix, to this add coriander, cumin, chilli powder and garam masala powders(1 tbsp, 1/2 tbsp, 1 tbsp or more-suit your spice level, a pinch respectively). Do not brown them add 2 cups of water and required salt. Allow it to boil for 5 mts. Add the fried potatoes to this. Cook this on a medium flame for 5 mts and simmer to reduce. 
You may go wrong at these places: 1. over cooking the potatoes resulting in a soggy curry 2. browing the masalas resulting in a bitter curry
If taken care you will end with a delicious dish.

Karaikudi Rasam

If you ever ran out of rasam powder, try this quick rasam.  A very aromatic flavorful soup, i learnt this from my friend, Visalakshi. She hails from Karaikudi, land of spices.  
Lets see the ingredients to make the qty shown in the picture roughly about 2 1/2 cups. 

Grind this to a fine powder, Heat a tsp of oil in a pan, temper with mustard, cumin, a puff of hing and a pinch of turmeric powder.  Mash two tomatoes and add to this, Saute for two minutes and add the rasam powder. Squeeze a gooseberry size tamarind and take the juice. Add tamarind juice to this and turn the heat to medium high.

Salt is not added while cooking the rasam. Salt, Garlic and coriander leaves are kept in a bowl seperately and when the rasam bubbles and do not let boil. In a bowl, crush 4 garlic pods, a handful of coriander leaves and reqd. salt,  pour rasam in this and cover with lid. 
Open after about 5 mts and give it a stir and check the salt.  You can serve this as a soup or with a bowl of piping hot rice to wad…