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Strawberry Yogurt

Serves 1
Yogurt- 1/2 cup
Strawberry - 2
sugar- 1 tsp or more
Mix sugar and yogurt well. Chop the strawberries fine. If you do not want to bite the chunks of the fruit blend it. Mix with yogurt. You will never buy flavored yogurts.

Hot and spicy Plums Soup/Plums Rasam- Karaikudi Chettiyar style..

It is the season of plums here. Why not make a soup with it? 

List: Plums: 2-3 Rasam powder- 2 tsp pepper,  1 tsp cumin,  1/4 tsp methi seeds, 2 Red chillies-powder this Toor dal - cooked 2 tbsp mixed in 1/2 cup of water turmeric powder -a pinch garlic-3 pods curry 1 sprig and coriander leaves-handful. tamarind juice- 1/4 cup or less salt to taste oil -1 tsp
In a heavy bottom pan heat oil temper with mustard, hing - 1puff, turmeric powder a pinch, cumin and 4 grains ofmethi. Add a sprig of curry leaves, chopped plums, saute for 2 mts till plums mash up, add the rasam powder, fry this a minute, then add toor dal water and tamarind juice. Let this foam up, should not boil.  In a bowl take 3 crushed pods of garlic, lots of coriander leaves chopped with salt. Pour in the foamed rasam in the bowl and close the lid on.  This is karaikudi chettiyar style of making rasam.
Drink this as soup, quick remedy for cold and serves as a soulful food with hot rice and papad.