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Losan Kolkar/Poondu Kolambu/Garlic Curry

Another Sourashtrian delight:
Soak a lemon size tamarind ahead of time. Mix 4 Tbsp of Kolambu/Ampti powder(given in this blog) with tamarind water and salt. Heat a heavy bottom pan or cooker, generously add 1 kuli karandi/ladle of gingelly oil, temper it long pepper(Thippili) 1 small strand, 1/4th tsp of ajwain, 20 to 25 pods of garlic. Stir well and cook the garlic turns golden brown. Add the Ampti/Kolambu to this and boil for 5 mts, reduce the flame till the raw smell subsides and reduce it to the desired kolambu consistency.  If left simmered on a low flame, slow cooking yields yummiest ampti.  This with Pepper Goat curry is deadly combination.

Sourashtrain Polte Chino/Pepper Goat cooked with coconut pieces

This is Sourashtrian's delight. This goes very well with Losan Kolkar/Poondu Kolambu/Garlic curry/Ambad Bhadh/Tamarind Rice/Puli saadam. Pressure cook mutton(1 lb) with roughly chopped shallots(10 nos.) and 2-3 red chillies with little water-1/2 cup until the mutton is 70% cooked. Ideally 1 whistle and 15 mts on a low flame.  Open and add salt, powdered pepper-1 tb and cumin-1 tsp. Pressure cook for another whistle and 5 mts. on a low flame. Open the cooker add the sliced coconut pieces(1/4 to 1/2 coconut-your preference) and reduce the sauce. Then transfer the mutton to the serving dish leaving little sauce in cooker. Add hot rice to the sauce and mix. Make small balls and eat immediately. That's ultimate.