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Foxtail millet balls/Thinai maavu laddu

Well it all started here. I was melting the butter for ghee.  I have the residue or the sediment left after transferring the ghee.  I threw in some foxtail millet flour, Lotus seeds and almonds powder, powdered sugar and pounded cardamom. roast in a medium flame till the flour gives out a nice aroma.  This will take roughly about 15-20 mts.  Transfer the ingredients to another bowl to cool down. You may either sprinkle warm water or milk to roll out balls. 
Foxtail millet flour- 1/2 cup Lotus seeds-1/4 cup Almonds-1/4 cup Powdered sugar or castor sugar-1/2 cup cardamom- 2
Sprinkling with milk will reduce the shelf life. Store it in a air tight container and use it within a week if it lasts..