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Sandwich bread - 2 slices 
Butter to spread on the bread

Boiled mashed potato-1
Sweet corn-1/4 cup
Green chilli-1 
Chilli powder-1/2 tsp 
coriander leaves-finely chopped 1 handful
salt to taste
Grated paneer or mozzarella cheese- 1/2 cup
Dates Chutney or Green chutney 1  tbsp

Mix the potato with corn, chilli, coriander leaves, salt and chilli powder. Fill this on one slice of the bread. Take another bread spread the chutney and liberally put cheese or paneer on top. Close the breads to make a sandwich.  Apply butter on the outer side of the bread and toast in a waffle maker.  You can toast in on a tawa also or a sandwich maker. 

This is a quick snack if you have ingredients in stock.  Poke the potato and put in microwave and cook (baked potato) for 5 mts. Then grating the potato yields a uniform powdery texture of potato rather lumps.  


Fillings can be eggs, cooked minced chicken.
The chutney can be replaced by tomato ketchup with chilli powder.
Paneer can be replaced…